Fashion in the Sixties: Fashion is a world of make-believe, glamour, frivolity, extravagance, gilded chairs, bitchiness and endless chatter about nothing whatsoever.
True, it can be said that changes in fashion, both for men and women, reflect changes in society whether it is a hem length or in the case of a man, tie or no tie. Above all, fashion photography should never be taken seriously. It is all an illusion. While for most of us it is a frivolous pastime, like the Music Hall or the circus it is also an entertainment which can bring joy and laughter into our lives. John Robert Young strolled through the world of fashion from 1960 to 1967 photographing some of the the most outrageous garments and glamourous women in Europe. Never for one moment did he take this bizarre world seriously. Commenting on this period he says: "It was the girls. They were all gorgeous."


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